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    Dynamic 3D-visualization is increasingly becoming a critical component of multiple fields and endeavors. Whether it is learning, training, research, medical diagnostics, biomedical visualization,3D-conferencing or psychotic treatment, and practically anything that […]


The Infectious Diseases Institute(IDI), Makerere University's College of Computing & Health Sciences in partnership with the US Government National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and the Office of Cyber Infrastructure and Computational Biology (NIH/NIAID/OCICB) have established the African Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics & Data Sciences, one of the only 2 such centers on the African continent


Gilead Msc & PhD Research Funding SupportOctober 16, 2020
Submit your application documents to Ms Grace Kebirungi or via email at ace@idi.co.ug

Welcome to the African Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics & Data-intensive Sciences(ACE)


First of its kind on the Makerere campus, the ACE is a centre for Computational Biology and big data analysis. It has a dedicated high performance computing cluster, a tele-learning center, a collaborative room with collaborative spaces and a Virtual Reality room for the latest 3-D pedagogical and diagnostic approaches. Layered over those facilities is a well designed long term(degree) and short term training programs as well as research and development support units.




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The ACE provides high-performance scientific computing infrastructure and serves as a platform for sharing skills, knowledge, and best practices between members of the global biomedical research.

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