Daudi Jjingo

Dr. Daudi Jjingo serves as the Director of the African Center of Excellence (ACE) in Bioinformatics and Data-Intensive Sciences within the Infectious Diseases Institute (IDI), whose mandate involves providing cutting-edge computational platforms for biomedical research. He is a Principle Investigator of the NIH/Fogarty Bioinformatics training grant in Uganda and Co-Investigator of the Ugandan H3BioNet node. He is a Senior Scientist and Lecturer at Makerere University in the College of Computing. He earned his Ph.D. in Bioinformatics as a Fulbright Scholar at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta USA, preceded by an MSc in Bioinformatics from the University of Leeds, UK, and a BSc in Biochemistry from Makerere University, Uganda. He previously served as a bioinformatics consultant for the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta and holds research interests in the molecular epidemiology of TB/HIV and cancer epigenetics.

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Gerald Mboowa
Bioinformatics Scientist

Dr. Gerald Mboowa is a bioinformatics scientist at the African Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics and Data-Intensive Sciences within the Infectious Disease Institute(IDI). He is involved in bioinformatics and genomics initiatives at Makerere University and the region. He graduated as a laboratory technologist from Makerere University in 2009 and later completed a degree as a clinical microbiologist in 2014. During the same year, he began a genomics and bioinformatics fellowship at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas till December 2016. He also helped establish bioinformatics graduate programs at Makerere University. During this time, many bioinformatics initiatives have been initiated and he continues to be a key person. He completed his PhD in Bioinformatics and Human Genomics completing in 2019. He has also completed a bioinformatics fellowship at the department of genetics, the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom.

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Rodgers Kimera
Senior ICT Systems Engineer

Rodgers Kimera is a Snr ICT Systems Engineer at the African Centre of Excellence (ACE) in Bioinformatics and Data-Intensive Science, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), NIH under the NETE Contract Support Team (RDCT). He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering from Busitema University (First Class Honors) and currently in the last year of his Master’s degree in Data Communication and Software Engineering at Makerere University. Rodgers previously worked as an ICT Specialist providing support to the ICER Sites in Uganda, Mali, and India. He currently leads the ICT technical section at ACE and has experience working with Virtual Reality, Federated Identities, Linux Systems Administration, open-source tools, Server technologies, and End User support.

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Hannah Sebuliba
IT Specialist
Hannah Sebuliba is part of the team that helped launch the second African Center of Excellence (ACE) in Bioinformatics and Data-Intensive Science in Uganda and works under the ICT technical section. 
Hannah has experience working with Virtual Reality and a special focus on Federated Identities, ensuring that staff and students get access to global Research and Education resources using their organizational identities. 
She is also a regular contributor to the development of open-source Identity projects. 
Hannah is a formally trained IT professional with a Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems from Makerere University.
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Mike Nsubuga
IT Specialist

Mike Nsubuga is an IT Specialist at the African Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics and Data-Intensive Sciences (ACE) within the Infectious Disease Institute (IDI), where he is also undertaking an MSc in Bioinformatics as an EANBIT fellow. He provides ICT support to graduate and post-graduate bioinformatics students, manages ACE computing facilities including Virtual Reality content development, and the ACE Computing Cluster. He specializes in VR, AR, Web, and Mobile application development and has worked on numerous software solutions in the region

He has previously worked & undertaken training as a Fullstack developer at Stats4SD based in Reading, UK. He is a graduate of Makerere University and holds a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology(First Class honors). Before joining ACE, he worked as a junior system administrator at the Department of ICT Support Services at the College of Computing and Information Sciences(COCIS), Makerere University. He has previously served as an IT consultant for the McKnight Foundation based in Minnesota, U.S. He has a keen interest in cloud computing, open-source computing, machine learning, and big data analysis.

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Grace Kebirungi
VR & Bioinformatics Graduate Trainee

Grace Kebirungi is currently a Virtual Reality (VR) and Bioinformatics graduate trainee at the African Centre of Excellence in Bioinformatics and Data Intensive Sciences(ACE) at the Infectious Diseases Institute (IDI). She plays an integral role in ideation on the VR  team that works together with the technical team at ACE on VR content development. By profession, Grace is a microbiologist, a skill that came in handy during her role as part of the team that developed the COVID-19 Infection Prevention and Control Curriculum for Virtual Reality on the Virtual Reality project for optimizing safety and reach of COVID-19 handling and Case Management.

She attained a Master's degree in Microbiology and Quality Control (Virology and Bacteriology) from University of Science and Technology Houari Boumediene Algiers, Algeria in 2019 after conclusion of her bachelors in Fundamental and Applied Microbiology, from the same university in 2017.She is a beneficiary of the Algerian government scholarship in collaboration with the Ministry of Education in Uganda. During her stay in Algeria, Grace volunteered as a project coordinator for the Bountiful Supply Ministries, an international student  charity organisation which sought to provide basic needs, emotional and spiritual support to refugees in Algeria.

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Patricia Nabisubi
Bioinformatics Graduate Trainee

Patricia Nabisubi is a Bioinformatics Trainee at the African Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics(ACE), she is an experienced laboratory technologist and a bioinformatician. She began her career with ACE, gaining unparalleled experience in the bioinformatics and virtual reality content development. Driven by her love for genomics and technology, she takes pride in providing the best bioinformatics services possible. As a Bioinformatician, her goals include eradication of Tuberculosis and fighting breast cancer. In addition to her primary job functions, Patricia has been recognized by MUIIPLUS as a strategic intern for immunology and bioinformatics in 2019/2020 and Eastern Africa Network for Bioinformatics Training for her extraordinary commitment to work and she was awarded with a scholarship for a master’s in science in bioinformatics at Makerere University. She has worked in the bioinformatics industry for one year, gaining experience in data management, data analysis, big data, and genomics. As a seasoned Bioinformatics specialist, she is passionate about advancing in research and technology.

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Stephen Kanyerezi
Bioinformatics Graduate Trainee

Stephen Kanyerezi is a Bioinformatics trainee at the African Centre of Excellence in Bioinformatics and Data-Intensive Sciences within the Infectious Disease Institute. He offers both online and physical teaching support in different bioinformatics courses offered by H3ABioNet. He is also involved in the development of bioinformatics pipelines/workflows and believes that one of the ways to improve bioinformatics capacity in Africa is through training. Stephen earned his bachelor's degree in Biomedical Laboratory Technology from Makerere University in 2019. He has also been awarded the Eastern Africa Network for Bioinformatics Training (EANBiT) fellowship in Masters of Science in Bioinformatics at Makerere University for the 2020/2021 academic year.

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