The Ace telelearning facility was created to deliver a video conferencing experience inside a classroom while consuming the minimum amount of resources


  • sound conditions are controlled for loudness, reflection, and absorption, to optimize audio communication between students and instructors
  • the facility is equipped with specialized materials, acoustic tiles, and wall mounted microphones with advanced controls
  • audio features include full duplex transmission, continuous auto-calibration, acoustic echo cancellation, built-in sound masking, and position-based automatic gain control.


  • advanced speaker tracking automatically directs the camera to the individual student to facilitate interaction with remote instructor.
  • Instructors are provided with an accurate visual representation of the conference room through a 1080p autozoom camera, with lighting carefully selected at 3500k color temperature and a color rendering index of 90+


  • 1Gbps connectivity with Ugandan Research partners and 200Mpbs internet connectivity provided by Research Education Network Uganda(RENU)
  • the local wireless network is capable of achieving 1000mpbs speeds through the most recent 802.11ac.wireless protocol


  • Has 24 workstations
  • optimized for energy savings
  • superior audiovisual and networking experience,
  • optimized for remote lectures and collaborations.

Potential Uses

  • Interactive Classroom Instruction
  • Remote lectures, seminars, courses
  • Multi-site scientific meetings and webinars
  • Training via E-learning